Giouka Plastics has been actively operating since 1986, in the field of plastic products in 8000m² privately-owned facilities based in the Sindos Industrial Area. The many years of experience along with the excellent quality of our products are the two cornerstones of the integration and recognition of our company in the Greek and international market. The permanent storage of our products in increased quantities can serve any requirement, at any time. 

The players of our company, knowing perfectly well, both the issues of production and the issues of the market and always with careful and studied manipulations, gradually grow the company to such an extent that in recent years it is considered one of the most dynamic companies in the industry. The successful attempt to penetrate the foreign markets is another positive element that is added to its assets and that erases auspicious prospects for the development of its business. Based on the messages and market trends, the players anticipate that the flexibility in production, but also the ability to meet the requirements of its customers, are the only way to continue the upward course of the company.

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